Manpower Services (Supply & Management)

We are adept at providing competent crew and managing them effectively to ensure optimal performance of operators in the oil and gas industry.

Logistics Support Services

We handle the finer details of your personnel logistics such as: Arrival and Departure, Meet and Greet, Crew Change, Budgeting and Billing, Manifest Management, Temporary Work Permits, and Personnel Tracking

Provision Of Mooring Masters

Our competent and experienced Nigerian Mooring Masters provide safe, cost-effective crude oil offtake operations, with the added value of local content compliance

Community Relations Management

We understand the need for synergy between operators and their host communities and we provide strategies that build and sustain harmonious relationships that enable business to thrive

Industrial Relations Management

We provide cutting edge efficiency in the management of the interface between our clients and unions or any recognized body that represents workers' interests

Training Services

We help organizations plan and execute bespoke soft skills training for their technical personnel to enable them achieve their development and success goals


Our Health/Safety Message

Our objective is to help get things done faster by leveraging the experience of our team and the most up to-date field/safety procedures to reduce lead times and operating costs. Our strategy involves deploying premium end-to-end O&M solutions for value chain optimization.

Your Details, Our Main Focus

By focusing on the finer details of operations, we boost productivity and fuel capacity for speedy delivery of projects

Our Vision

To be the industry's beacon for excellent service delivery.

Our Mission

To create a company that prioritises excellent customer service, quality standards and sustainable compliance.

Our Core Values

- Transparency   -   Respect
- Empathy   -    Accountability
- Team Work

Our Work

Manpower. Experience. Safety

Our main work is to provide competent manpower and key support services for the oil and gas industry. We tap the vast experience of our team in delivering solutions that incorporate the highest industry safety standards & understanding of the terrain in terms of geography, economy and socio-cultural values of our communities.

Experience real innovation in customer service for O&G operations and maintenance.

Join Us

Commitment to providing excellent services is the dominant trait in our work culture. Our doors are open to people who can reecho our corporate vision in their professional development drive. Got this mindset? Yippee! You’re welcome!