We Serve at the Core of Operations & Maintenance

Wherever you play in the O&G industry, we offer you a range of services that reflect your needs. Whether you are seeking key manpower for your onshore & offshore operations, better onboarding, supply chain optimization, standard compliance models, or more, we are fully committed to helping and partnering with you to achieve your goals.

Our full range of operations and maintenance services are as follows:

Manpower Services (Supply & Management)

Access a large pool of professional, skilled and experienced Nigerian and expatriate personnel for various onshore and offshore operations requirements.


Eliminate disruptions to all operations and enjoy the best corporate-community relationship management.

Industrial Relations Management

Stay on top of all industrial relations issues through innovative management of the interface between management and unions.

Logistics Support

At KTS, we understand that sometimes, the big things are the small things. To enable our client/partners focus on their core duties

Provision Of Mooring Masters

At KTS, we have under our management a pool of competent and experienced Nigerian Mooring Masters. With our

Training Services

At KTS, we understand that training is crucial for organizational development and success. We also understand that the most effective trainings are those tailored to meet 

Why Choose Us?

The backbone of our operations is the experience of our team. When it comes to human resources and understanding of the O&M terrain, you can always be rest assured of the best in service delivery.

Our promise of speed is the heart of our value proposition. Backed by a team of nimble and no-limits staff, we always get it done faster.

Our business model thrives on the core principle of ‘thinking and sticking with you until the job is done’. Our people are trained to think of themselves as an extension of your team. That way, you can count on our unwavering commitment to deliver results every time.

In line with our vision to become a leading light in service delivery within the O&G industry, we are determined to move our relationship from one-off engagements with our clients to extended mutually beneficial projects where they get to see us as ‘Partners’. This is the ultimate goal of our Customer Service experience.

Our team is continuously working on developing internal tools that help us identify and fix all the key challenges in your value chain optimization efforts. We have made huge investments to ensure we always deliver on our promise of quality.

Every move we make is targeted at giving your business the advantage.

Whether you’re looking to upscale your operations, increase production performance, develop best resource-to-market strategies, employ supply chain management tools to efficiently generate schedules and improve lead times or you are an industry professional seeking business development solutions, we can be of help to YOU.
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