KTS Oil and Gas Services Limited is a fully Nigerian owned and operated company created with the desire to provide clients with top of the range operations support services.

Quality Assurance

Based on a strong disposition for value creation, we are focused on providing customized operations support services with a bias for the Oil and Gas industry. As a client driven company, we pride ourselves in our expertise in the provision of; provision and management of manpower for oil and gas installations, logistics support, industrial relations compliance management, community relations, corporate social responsibility projects (design, implementation and management), crisis management services as well as general operations of oil and gas facilities.

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Value Proposition: Leveraging Technical Manpower and Experience for Speed

Our primary objective is to partner with our clients to meet the challenges of driving optimal productivity and value chain optimization in their onshore and offshore operations. Our goal is to help get things done faster and in the most cost efficient way. This we do by leveraging the experience of our team of seasoned management professionals and the competence of our pool of technical manpower.

Our operations personnel pool offers a wide range of technical expertise in Flow Stations, Oil Rigs, MOPUs, FPSOs or other extensions such as, FSO, FPSs, FSUs, FLNGs, FSRUs and FDPSOs. These critical field operations pool, combined with our integrated support solutions, keep us primed to deliver a smarter future for Africa’s oil and gas industry any time.

Our Vision

To be the industry's beacon for excellent service delivery

Our Mission

To create a company that prioritises excellent customer service, quality standards and sustainable compliance.

Our Core Values

The core elements that form the base of our corporate culture and beliefs are encapsulated in the acronym ‘TREAT’ which translates as follows:
  • Transparency - Our approach is to offer our clients/partners a much better way of doing things by ensuring they are fully carried along in the end-to-end processes involved in all operations.
  • Respect - Our commitment to respect is borne out of our appreciation of the dignity of others, the importance of keeping our word and the value of reputation.
  • Empathy - Our commitment is to serve you the way we want to be served. For us, it is always about walking in your shoes.
  • Accountability - We understand what it means to be chosen by our clients/partners. We take responsibility for our victories and our challenges. Even more, we play by the book.
  • Team Work - We believe collaboration is key to delivering results. We seize every opportunity to promote inclusion and diversity.
We treat your business as our own.
Quality Policy