Manpower Services (Supply & Management)

KTS Oil and Gas Services Limited provides manpower recruitment and manpower management services to companies in the oil and gas sector. We have access to a large pool of professional, skilled and experienced Nigerian and expatriate personnel for various onshore and offshore operations requirements. Our manpower service contracts are supported by a dedicated management and administration team with specific experience in sourcing and hiring, contracting, payroll and welfare management, training and talent management, as well as the management of full project teams and associated activities.

Our range of manpower services include:
  • Recruitment and Management of local and expert personnel.
  • Payroll administration and management.
  • Cash to Master support.
  • Compensation and benefits management.
  • Running training needs analysis and implementing training programmes to breach identified gaps.
  • Designing and implementing Performance Management systems.
  • Welfare support services for both local and expatriate crew.