Upstream oil operators must deepen value creation

Upstream oil and gas operators in Nigeria must deepen their value creation in the post-COVID-19 era to remain in the thick of business, the Chief Executive Officer, KTS Oil & Gas Services Limited, Tom Otuaga, has said.
KTS Oil & Gas Services, a new oil and gas servicing firm, recently opened office in Lagos, with a commitment to help the upstream sector drive up their profits, according to a statement.
Otuaga said following the devastating effects of COVID-19, operators in the upstream oil and gas sector must restrategise to meet the challenges of driving optimal productivity and value chain optimisation in their onshore and offshore operations.
He said KTS Oil & Gas was established to provide upstream operators with top of the range operations support services to help improve their performance and drive up their bottom line.
“Based on a strong disposition for value creation, we are focused on providing customised operations support services with a bias for the oil and gas industry,” Otuaga said.
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